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Performing Skilled Child Development Services in Handsworth, Sheffield

At Handsworth Community Nursery, we understand that children learn best when they take part in engaging activities. That's why the child development services we offer in Handsworth, Sheffield, are bolstered by a variety of child-led activities, as well as entertaining adult-led services.

Varied Learning

The nursery offers a whole host of appealing activities that are appropriate for your child's age and stage of development, whether they are in the Little Ladybirds or Busy Bees room. These include:

• Water Play
• Music and Movement
• Construction
• Songs and Rhymes
• Home Corner
• Multicultural Experiences
• Sand and Messy Play
• Role Play
• Exploring Nature
• Climbing and Physical Play
• Painting
• Arts and Crafts
• Play-Doh®
• Cooking

Toddlers Learning By Making Things, Children Learning About Nature, Outside Playtime

Learn by Making

Working diligently to meet the needs of your children, we balance child and adult-led activities to suit each individual's requirements. Most children enjoy painting, junk modelling, gluing, and finger painting. The process of transforming basic materials into something else involves a great deal of learning and achievement. In these cases, the process is more important than the end result. Cardboard boxes, tubes, material, corks, string, egg boxes, yoghurt pots, and many other items considered rubbish may be turned into all sorts of exciting things. The children are encouraged to use a wide range of resources in order express their own ideas.

Discovering Nature

Children adore playing with natural materials like water, sand, clay, leaves, and pebbles. In handling these objects, children learn the properties of each material and how they react. For example, dry sand will pour while wet sand is malleable. Gaining hands-on experience of the natural world is crucial for children. What's more, they are assisted in exploring and understanding their environment and the wider world as they take part in activities, stories, games, and nature walks.

Free Flow Play

Our nursery features a fabulous outdoor learning and play area, isolated from main roads and traffic pollution, we use this area daily. Planning for outside provisions as we do for interior learning, we cover the seven areas of learning while providing engaging, stimulating opportunities for children. The "free flow" system we utilise means children may choose whether they spend their time inside or outside, and move between the areas independently.

Special Events

At Handsworth Community Nursery, we celebrate festivals from around the world throughout the year. Annually, we welcome parents to the events that take place, including a Christmas concert and Christmas party. Further, we keenly develop links with the wider community and have enjoyed visits from Zoo Lab, dentists, policemen, and firemen with their trucks.

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